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How do I connect my solar system, is there a specific order?

发布者:奥科新能源      时间:2019-07-03
Yes. There is a specific order to connecting a solar system. A solar charge controller does not have an inbuilt battery. It is in essence a naked circuit board with output ports so it is important that the solar charge controller is "turned on" first before use. This is important because a solar charge controller needs to "see" the battery it is being used with and to synchronize with it first before any panel is added. That way the solar charge controller will properly regulate the panel you attached for the battery it is attached to. You are regulating a solar panel to work with your battery not the other way around. Your solar panel is always second to your battery. The proper order is as such:

1.Attach solar charge controller to battery input port - this will turn on your charge controller and allow it to see your battery.
2.Attach solar panel to solar charge controller - do this only after you attached the battery and never before otherwise your solar charge controller may not regulate voltage and current appropriately. 
3.Attach load to your battery - you always want to discharge from the battery and let the solar top off the battery as you are using it because this will ensure you have a smooth and continuous output.

4.Disconnect in reverse order, removing first load then panel and battery last. A proper shutdown sequence is safest for both the battery and the load. 

Remember: just because your controller is properly regulating voltage and current does not mean that the voltage and current will not fluctuate. Voltage should not change dramatically but current will vary depending on how much sun you are receiving. This is why you always discharge through your battery because a good battery will not give out fluctuating discharge.