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I already have panels, so can I use them with your batteries?

发布者:奥科新能源      时间:2019-07-03
Generally you should have no problem using your existing panels with our batteries. Customers do it all the time. We won't get upset or jealous but we do insist you understand a few things first:

1.Check your open circuit voltage - this is the first thing you should check with any solar panel before purchase or usage to confirm the voltage is within acceptable range of your battery voltage. For example, a good solar panel for a 12V battery should give out in the neighborhood of 15V-22V.
2.Check your open circuit current - this, like the open circuit voltage, is the where all the important information lies as this figure will allow you to determine charge time and whether or not your panel is oversized or undersized for your battery.
3.Wattage is a good benchmark but it doesn't provide the specific information you really need.
4.Not all panels are made equal - the performance of your solar panel depends on its age and chemistry (yes, solar panels have chemistry too) and it is proportional to how much you invest. A high quality Monocrystaline Panel such as ours will outperform and outlast a similarly rated cheap Polycrystaline Panel from the local hardware store.