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What are PCMs and what do they do?

发布者:奥科新能源      时间:2019-07-03
In essence these are a type of single-board microcomputer. PCMs, or protection circuit modules, are a type of battery management system (BMS) for the expressed purpose of regulating output of current from the battery to electrical loads, managing and internally balancing the cell pack in addition to regulating charging. They are there to protect the cells from damage. If your electric load exceeds the power load of the battery the PCM shuts the battery off to protect the cells from damage. This is a safeguard to preserve maximum functionality of our batteries and to, effectively, abuse-proof within a certain extent. Our entire range of batteries all come equipped with top of the line sophisticated PCMs unlike a large number of our competitors. We tested our products. It is almost impossible to screw up our batteries because our integrated intelligent systems automatically shuts off the battery before damage can be done to it. Our AUKPOWER PCMS offer the following features:
  1. Balancing function for cells
  2. Overcurrent protection
  3. Overvoltage protection
  4. Overdischarge protection (also known as undervoltage)
  5. Temperature protection
  6. Short circuit protection
  7. Charging Circuitry integrated