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104050 3.7v 2300mah lipo battery rechargeable lithium battery

Features of Prismatic rechargeable single cell :    

1. High temperature resistance
2. High working voltage for single battery cells
3. Pollution-free
4. Long cycle life(≥500 times)
5. No memory effect
7. With short-circuit production function, safe and reliable
8. Factory price& High quality
9. No self discharge
10. Light weight, small size
Product introduction:

104050 3.7v 2300mah lipo battery rechargeable lithium battery


Model NV-LP104050-2300mah-3.7V Remark
Capacity 2300mAh 
Voltage 3.6V (working)   4.2V ( peak)  2.5V(cut-off)  
Max. charge current  1c  
Standard discharge current Rate 0.2c  
Max. discharge current 



One  PCB (2.0A) installed with the  battery pack and protects the battery from:

  • Overcharge       (>4.2V)
  • Overdischarge  ( <2.4 V)
  • Over drain ( >2.0Amp)
  • Short circuit
Operating Temperature   0~+55°C Charge
Operating Temperature   -20~+60°C Discharge
Storage Temperature     -20°C to 45°C  
Weight  48g   
Cycle Life >500 cycles of standard charge and discharge at 25±2°C. Capacity≥85%  

3.7v 2300mah battery